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Everything is coming up roses!

If you know anything about me, you know I am a strong proponent of sex toys. They are our best little pleasure helpers. Whether you're pursuing a little solo pleasure or partnered play, sex toys can make a great thing even greater. So when the folks at Amazing Intimate Stores asked me to review the new Rosebud from Alchemy, I said, "how quickly can you get it here?"

The Rosebud did not disappoint! From the design to the functionality, it's a quality product that will bring you luxurious pleasure. Here are some of its best features:

  • Rechargeable. The Rosebud has a sleek design and it's charging port is seamless built into the bottom of the toy.

  • Charging Port. The charging port is a tidy little disk that allows you to simply stand your Rosebud up and it charges efficiently while looking like a cute, colorful table accessory.

  • Size & Shape. There are a lot of great pulsating/vibrating toys out there but some of them can be bulky or not very aerodynamic in their design. The Rosebud fits in the palm of your had and easily manipulated for maximum placement and pleasure.

  • Silicone. The Rosebud is made of the softest silicone. It's vibrant red color is pleasing to the eye too! It's easy to clean. Most of all, it just feels good in your hands and on your body.

  • Functions. Talk about OPTIONS! The Rosebud has 10 different vibration patterns. Each brings a different intensity, pattern, and pulsation. You can't ever be bored with this product.

My personal review from solo play moves The Rosebud up to the top of my favorite toy list! If you love vibrating toys that directly stimulate the clitoris, this is well worth your money. It's priced at $69.99 at Amazing Intimate Stores. You can even use Sezzle to help space out the payments. I have no complaints or critique at all for the Rosebud. So if you're looking for a Galentine's or Valentine's Day gift, consider The Rosebud. Trust me. They will thank you!

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