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Healing Starts Here

I help women heal their self-worth, get clear on their desires, reclaim their sexuality and feel sexy and free.


I understand where you are...

You are looking for a supportive psychologist that gives you space to show up as the full black woman you are.

You want to advocate for yourself in your relationship without feeling ashamed or burdened. 

You know you want more out of life but you need support in redefining what a healthy pleasure filled life looks like for you.

You are ready to unpack how racial stress and internalized trauma is impacting your life.

​Pleasure Pursuers 

Pleasure Pursuers is a 5-week group coaching program for women who are ready to start having the best sex of their lives! Pleasure Pursuers provides weekly education and coaching focused on improving your capacity for sexual pleasure and a more fulfilling sex life.

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My Services

Individual Therapy:

  • PsyPact licensed;

    • Available for teletherapy/virtual sessions in

AL | AZ | AK | CO | CT | DE | DC | GA | ID | IL | IN | KS | KY | ME | MD | MN | MO | NE | NV | NH | NC | NJ | OH | OK | PA | TN | TX | UT | VA | WA | WV | WI

  • Rates: $175/session

  • Private pay only

Sex Self-Confidence Coaching

  • 6-week & 12-week packages available

  • A great option for folx with specific sexual wellness goals

  • Rates: $950/6-week package; $1850/12-week package (can be paid in installments)

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